Rusty McKnight Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Manufacturing Applications, Manufacturing Core, Principles of Manufacturing I, Principles of Manufacturing II

  • Graduated, Gadsden High School 1980
  • Tennessee Tech. Precision Machinists, Tool & Die Maker
  • Certified Drafter, American Design and Drafting Association
  • Management Certification, Jackson State, 90 hours American Management Association  
  • College, Jackson State, U of M and Freed Hardeman University.



         I began working in the Electrical and Distribution field in 1982. I worked & trained in Crockett County as a Machinists, CNC Operator / Programmer, Team Leader, Department Supervisor, and Quality Assurance Technician for 17 plus years. I have been teaching high school as a Career & Tech. Instructor for 13 years. My experience and education spans over 31 years in Design, Machining, Fabrication, Pre Engineering, Welding and Secondary Education.        


      I have worked in Crockett County for over 30 years. Lisa and I have been married for 30 years and have a 9 year old son named Nicolas. We choose to live, raise and educate our son in Crockett County because of the great school system we have. 

      As a C.T.E. Instructor I treat every person with the respect they deserve and set an example for all students to follow through my own work ethics. Real world, marketable, life, and workplace skills are taught in each class as part of our 9 aspects of industry. This provides an opportunity for each student to become productive student / citizens in any society. My responsibility is to continuously upgrade my skills and our technology so we may provide a more rigorous and challenging area of study. All students are taught what is expected of them in school, society and the workplace.  This provides a better foundation for post secondary education or a working career whichever path the student chooses.          

(The Duke) once said;       “Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday". What have you learned today? I say never stop learning and improving one's self-worth. Work hard and push yourself to learn something new each day.